Photo Project

What's this all about?

The Photo Project is an open source photo publishing platform and API that puts you and your photos first. Import, archive, and organize your photos on your server or your personal cloud accounts such as Dropbox or Amazon S3. Your choice.

Why use the Photo Project?

  • Data ownership and portability. Choose to store your photos on your accounts at Amazon S3, Dropbox, or your local drive. It's up to you, and you can switch anytime.
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS so you can take your photos wherever you go
  • Durability. Your photos aren't tied to any particular photo service. Switch between services, use more than one at a time, or stop without losing a photo.
  • It's more than a photo site. With an API and tools to manage your photos on the go and with other sites, you never have to be without your photos.

It's the photo platform you never knew you wanted until it existed.

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Do more with the Photo Project

The Photo Project is more than a photo site. That's why we've made a lot of things besides the photo platform you can run on your own server. A few of those things include:

  • A RESTful API to build apps on and examples on how to use it
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • A set of libraries in PHP, Python, Java, Javascript, and more so you can get started faster
  • A Flickr exporter and an importer to import those files into your new site
  • A WordPress plugin for integrating your photos with your blog
  • ...All released under the Apache 2.0 license so you can build more on top of them


Confused about something? Need to get clarification on a topic? Our documentation area has what you're looking for.

Get Involved

There are lots of ways to contribute, from writing code and documentation to letting us know when you find a bug. Check out our web contribution guide. If you'd like to contribute to our documentation, there's a guide for that too

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